The connection of this crystal to the unseen realms will easily help those who meditate to reach altered states of consciousness. The blue and violet colors of Tanzanite portrays it as a soothing gemstone. Tanzanite is a wonderful stone for guided visualizations, either alone or with a group to help one explore other spiritual planes. Instead of becoming overwhelmed or overcome by our feelings, Prairie Tanzanite soothes and settles them enough that we can gather the strength to look honestly and deeply within ourselves. Tension headaches and migraines are relieved with Tanzanite. Spiritual Healer; The high vibrational energies of Tanzanite and its power of shifting colors elevate the consciousness of the wearer. These streaks are removed through the application of heat, leaving only the blue color. Read more about Tanzanite healing properties information and view photo galleries below. Purple color is always attributed to higher wisdom, spirituality and profound understanding. The energies of this stone will allow you to release the tensions and focus completely on what you should do. It is an amulet to see through the truth hiding behind things. The stone also brings with it a rejuvenation of energies which will make you stronger, energetic, and more willing to get up and do something meaningful with your life every day. Higher consciousness is also a core meaning of Tanzanite. Tanzanite stimulates clairaudience, enhances one’s psychic abilities and expands mental sight. The throat chakra responds well to Tanzanite because of its blue color. Spiritually, iolite meanings are rather significant. Reveal which numbers show up in YOUR Numerology Chart », (Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. There are many uses for the energies of Tanzanite, but it is most helpful for purposes of healing. Tanzanite is good for people who want to be positive. Tanzanite is a birthstone for December, along with zircon, turquoise, and blue topaz. Tanzanite is the only gemstone that is trichroic in nature. It reflects one’s ability to develop their powers of perception and intuition. The meaning of tanzanite The cool blues and purples of tanzanite symbolize calm and the ability to soothe. It will promote stillness, and it will help you undergo a purification of sorts. Tanzanite is a very powerful stone in terms of spiritual energy. Tanzanite was first reported a little over 50 years ago in 1967 by H.B. The darker the stone, the more valuable it is and the more luxurious its meaning becomes. The healing energies of this stone can help in relieving stress and anxiety. Tanzanite leads from a focused perspective to the exchange of spiritual information and knowledge, making it an ideal crystal for counselors or people in … During later parts of the day, the stone can display purple, yellow, and red hues. Tanzanite will make a harmonious connection between what your heart desires and what your mind wants to achieve. Read more about Tanzanite healing properties information and view photo galleries below. Tanzanite will also enhance your creative side and lead you to the right track every time you get distracted from your destined path. Remember not to expose it to extremely high temperatures or changes in temperature. Support us on Patreon and get personal crystal advice! Known as a compassionate and tranquil gemstone, tanzanite is said to promote thoughtfulness in situations with conflict. It can also stimulate cell regeneration. It is considered to be of divine origin. […] This mineral is very rare, from just one location. Tanzanite. Many emotional issues are rooted in anxiety. Many individuals have had Tanzanite stones placed into rings, necklaces, and other wearable pieces of jewelry to obtain healing benefits. Tanzanite was recently voted the second most popular gemstone in the U.S., an accolade that testifies to the spiritual importance of this December birthstone. It also represents the transmutation of desires into reality, making it popular for those who embrace the Law of Attraction. It comes in crystalline form, with color ranging from violet to blue. Instead of focusing on what other people are saying, you will focus on the love that you and your partner share. Its dancing auroras help keep our passions and dreams burning even when we believe our own vital … Modern History. Tanzanite will attract energies of wealth and abundance. It will show you how you can direct your energies with pinpoint accuracy to make your dreams a reality. Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism. This openness has an effect on all the body’s energy centers. It’s believed to inspire a feeling of awe, mystery and magic. Copyright 2021 The Secret of The Tarot. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. According to the Tanzanian Maasai tribe’s lore, tanzanite is a spiritual stone that inspires compassion and calmness. Tanzanite increases communication with the Spiritual world and facilitates access to ancient wisdom, especially to the spiritual knowledge of ancient indigenous tribal cultures. As one becomes attuned to the stone’s energy field, it can almost feel that consciousness is being projected into the stone. It has even been designated as a birthstone. Tanzanite will create trust between you and the person you love, and it will encourage you to open your heart slowly but surely. It will stop you from fooling yourself into thinking that you are more than what you are, or you are less than what you are. It's only locality known to date is the country of Tanzania located in southwest Africa, hence its name. It lay crystallizing in the earth's crust for hundreds of millions of years working its way towards the surface. It’s also an excellent stone to put in your office or work area because it will enhance your productivity levels and reduce your work pressures. It will allow your psychic abilities to flourish and aid clairvoyance, intuition and self knowledge. This stone can be found in varying shades of blue. The stone can also be used to charge water as a tonic. They boost your spiritual growth & aid metaphysical healing, … The mineral is young compared to other healing stones. It can bring about universal awareness and a keen sense of purpose. The different color varieties of Tanzanite can also serve as a natural birthstone for those born at different times of the year. Cate Blanchett famously wore an enormous tanzanite necklace to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Tanzanite was born half a billion years ago as the sacred Mount Kilimanjaro bubbled away nearby. The stone has also been known to amplify the healing properties of other crystals. It comes in crystalline form, with color ranging from violet to blue. This time of the year is symbolic of transformation, the primary meaning of this crystal. The crystal was once regarded as one of the most popular and valuable gemstones. So take some time and explore to find your perfect crystal and remember to like and share any content that you feel a connection with. It may appear in hues that are similar to that of sapphire, and it is also found in light to medium blue. Tanzanite is a stone of transformation that can help dissolve old patterns of disease and karma. This crystal can help individuals define an appropriate career path. The name Opal is from the Sanskrit upala, which means jewel. There are hundreds of color varieties of this stone, and there are two types of Opal; the Common Opal and the Precious or Gem, Opal. According to [Ahsian, 393] Tanzanite aids in sharing spiritual information and knowledge from a heart-centered perspective, making it an excellent crystal for counselors or others in the position of intellectually interpreting emotional experiences. It would let you make the best choice in important situations. The Spiritual meaning of the unicorn is one of myth, magic and legend. Darker tanzanite stones have long been associated with royalty due to the depth and richness of their colour. Tanzanite is known as a stone of soul transformation. It represents an awareness that one is connected to all creatures great and small. The vibrations of Tanzanite are very strong. Discovered in Africa. Tanzanite is a member of the Zoisite family. Tanzanite Meaning, Powers and History. Discovered in Africa Many people know that turquoise is December’s birthstone, but there are actually three of them. Tanzanite is renowned as one of the best crystals for a spiritual search. It will teach you how you can accept yourself completely for who you are, flaws and all. Tanzanite is a wonderful stone for guided visualizations, either alone or with a group to help one explore other spiritual planes. Tanzanite’s color is caused by the amount of chromium present in the stone. Low-energy stones will help to slow respiration and the heart rate which may become elevated as one attunes with Tanzanite. Tanzanite has powerful spiritual energies that can establish a connection between your mind and the higher realms. Tanzanite allows one to be grounded and express the true feelings. One should approach meditation work with Tanzanite slowly. It is connected to the element of Wind and vibrates to the number 2. It creates a link between the heart and mind, allowing you to see situations, experiences and circumstances from the perspective of enlightened compassion. Tanzanite, a variety of Zoisite and member of the Epidote Family, forms in masses and prismatic crystals. Deposits of Tanzanite can be found in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, but there are also deposits found in Kenya. Please remember, although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people’s lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. Tanzanite enhances ones psychic and intuitive abilities and can be an ally to readers, mediums and spiritual counsellors. It helps one to be more understanding and allows an individual to see from others’ point of view. It will also help you develop your psychic abilities, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, and inner knowing. The dark blue color of tanzanite is beautiful and like no other blue. Tanzanite Meaning. The spiritual energy of January encourages looking towards the future with regard for the past too. Crystals ~ Tanzanite Totem Animals Swan, Unicorn, SongThrush Trees Holly, White Poplar Weekday ~ Sunday. The spiritual meaning of the stone is rooted in its pleochroism. With the guidance of this stone, you will be able to keep your composure and work in harmony with people. Tanzanite belongs to the Zoisite family, and its official name is ‘Blue Zoisite’, a calcium aluminium hydroxy silicate, Ca 2 Al 3 (SiO 4) 3 (OH).. Tanzanite – Flower Opens A stone for those that have working on self development for sometime; tanzanite allows the flower of inner perspective to open into the physical life. It is an integrating stone that helps awaken an enlightened consciousness based in wholeness. Keep it in your pocket, wallet, or bag whenever you go out. No one is perfect, but every experience that you go through can help you become a better version of yourself. It is recommended that other calming stones be used in tandem with Tanzanite during meditation. The energies of Tanzanite also help guide you through a process of spiritual awakening where you will become more enlightened about what you are supposed to do in life and how you can get there. In 2002 the American Gem Trade Association officially recognized Tanzanite as a traditional birthstone for December. This means that it has the ability to activate psychic ability and facilitate communication with higher spiritual dimensions. . Due to its rare availability, Tanzanite is commercially produced and reddish-brown minerals are subjected to artificial heat treatments. Lucky Gemstone: Tanzanite Those named Yehara have as favorable gemstone the Tanzanite, which inspires one to show their true self rather than try pretending they are someone else. It can be held during moments of prayer to help one attune with angelic beings. In this case, the properties of the stone are enhanced for those born at the appropriate time. Their name derives from the Greek word “adamas”, as they were considered to be the hardest stone of all for a stretch of eternity. They did not reveal themselves at all until… May 26, 2019 - This exquisite purple or blue zoisite is a highly sought-after semi-precious gemstone. has been designed to be the definitive resource for all things related to crystals. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. It will make you excited to feel the rush of a new love, or the stability of a relationship that has overcome many challenges. A spirit animal that resonates with the soul star chakra and magenta is the unicorn. It gives personal insight and power. It reflects one’s ability to develop their powers of perception and intuition. Tanzanite activates the third eye and crown chakras, producing visions, messages and information from higher vibrational sources. It is an integrating stone that helps awaken an enlightened consciousness based in wholeness. One of the most famous large tanzanites (242 carats) is the "Queen of Kilimanjaro". The high vibrational power of tanzanite is believed to provide the protection when connecting with higher realms and facilitates to achieve deep levels in meditation. Tanzanite will also help you come to terms with yourself. Purple color is always attributed to higher wisdom, spirituality and profound understanding. Pliny the Elder described diamonds as follows: “The most precious of all human goods, long only kings, and few known”. Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu is credited with finding the first tanzanite crystal. Those who work with this stone should ground themselves often to prevent a buildup of residual energy. It is an integrating stone that helps awaken an enlightened consciousness based in wholeness. The stone connects the heart and mind making a person have a balance between intelligent and rational thinking vs empathetic and kind heart. Spiritual Energy And Meanings. It creates a union with the universe in a place where disease and illness cannot prosper. It can also enable one to give forgiveness. It emits strong vibrations of spirituality and develops a deep bond between your body, mind, and soul. This shifting of color helps to facilitate raising consciousness. Spiritual Energy Properties: Tanzanite is a heat amended stone that has a high vibration, facilitating deep meditative and altered states. Using Tanzanite to balance these three chakras will result in a flow of energy throughout the entire body. These amazing natural products have inspired philosophers and mystics to attribute unusual properties of special minerals. Tanzanite is a member of the Zoisite family. Tanzanite is a powerful tool of transformation. It helps you with patience too, meaning that you will learn to distinguish when to act fast to close a business deal, and when to more slowly and considerately move forward in an intelligent way. It creates a flow that brings warmth and dispels contention. Tanzanite are high vibration transformation crystals that help you to develop psychic powers. Tanzanite’s energy field is so strong that some believe it can even assist in bringing individuals out of a coma. Those who wish to explore their psychic capabilities will find that Tanzanite helps to open intuitive channels. An open throat chakra results in better communication. When the crown chakra is opened there is a greater sense of connection to spirit. It provides an ease in entering altered states, in receiving information from the Akashic Record, and allows a deep profound meditation. It may even be able to reverse the effects of progressive ailments like degenerative disc disease and arthritis. Get in-depth insight into YOUR Birthday number and its meaning in your life ». It allows us to approach our emotional wounds, development and expression from a higher perspective . Tanzanite Meaning: Breaking Down the Colourful Beauty of Tanzanite Stone Tanzanite spiritual meaning might only be one side to this stone’s personality, but it’s an important one. By harmonizing and linking the heart and third-eye chakra, Tanzanite is a powerful stone for activating compassion and increasing the ability to speak the truth in your heart. It vibrates in tandem with the throat, Third Eye, and crown chakras. It is still costly, however, especially when offered in larger varieties. For eons gemstones have been legendary for having amazing powers of prosperity, luck, wisdom, to name a few. Those who work often with this crystal will find that it clarifies one’s spiritual purpose. When you look at it in sunlight, Tanzanite will show a blue tone. It aligns with the personality of individuals born in this month of the Winter Solstice. You will express who you truly are, and you will follow what resonates with you. Due to its colors, it is also associated with awakening. The energy of the stone often has a lasting impact on one’s level of consciousness. There might also be a slight color change in incandescent light, when stones may appear to be more violet. Tanzanite as a Gemstone . Since 2012 has been the fastest growing collection expert articles, media and information on the powers of crystals and their meanings. Tanzanite is a wonderful stone for guided visualizations, either alone or with a group to help one explore other spiritual planes. 3D Image: Tanzanite . At the crown chakra, there is a connection to the realms of spirit. When the road ahead feels as though it’s made up of challenges and obstacles, the insights provided by this stone will help you find the strategy that best guarantees success. Tanzanite spiritual meaning. Tanzanite is renowned as one of the best crystals for a spiritual search. Get in-depth predictions personalized to YOUR Numerology Chart ». Tanzanite stimulates clairaudience, enhances one’s psychic abilities and … This shifting of … It can affect the appearance and shape of the stone. This stone will also encourage you to harness your inner strength. The first pieces of Tanzanite could be particularly expensive. Spiritual and Healing Properties of Tanzanite are periodically mentioned. Tanzanite meaning becomes a good symbol of mysticism and spiritual understanding. As this happens, harmful emotions like jealousy and resentment are released. It activates our psychic abilities and vibratory rate, facilitating communication with the higher spiritual dimensions. By harmonizing and linking the heart and third-eye chakra, Tanzanite is a powerful stone for activating compassion and increasing the ability to speak the truth in your heart. It’s also a highly creative stone that will get you right back on track after being distracted or interrupted. It’s very soft and brittle, and it can crack when handled the wrong way. Tanzanite will support you in looking beyond the limitations and boundaries to truly answer the call of your heart. Tanzanite also has the power to transform negative energies into positive ones. Generally, Tanzanite is regarded a gemstone that has deep spiritual meaning. Prairie Tanzanite works on our core emotional issues from a spiritual angle. Tanzanite is associated with the enlightenment of the mind. Allowance and … Liked it? Tanzanite is a crystal of self awakening, manifestation and revelation.

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