Giada, the Italian for Jade, sounds appropriate for girls more than guys. The name has a European flair to it, which makes us like it even more. Gem and mineral names are often quite complex, the names in this generator are no different. Beloved for their value and beauty, gemstones are an obvious source of inspiration for your little princess. Other names that were popular among the Victorians were Ruby, Opal, Coral, Beryl, and Onyx. Why Do Babies Choke And How To Prevent It? Gem- names are somewhat popular as baby girl names. 8 Most Important Tips To Buy A Right-Fit Pregnancy Bra, How To Choose Baby Names: Top 16 Baby Naming Tips, 100 Wonderful European Baby Names For Girls And Boys, 50 Zimbabwean Shona Baby Names For Girls And Boys. Agnes: This once-popular saint’s name, meaning ‘pure’, fell off the popularity charts in the 1970s, … 93 Shares Because of their obvious relationship to jewelry, many of these names are more commonly used for girls than boys, although there are a few that can cross gender lines. You could also go with gemstone-associated names, like Jewel. This July birthstone baby name broke into the top 100 U.S baby name list in the year 2013, thanks to Tobey Maguire. 35. Some people would want to choose gemstones by sounds of the names. We adore little Onyx, and her precious nickname, Nyx. Onyx, the name of the precious black gemstone would make a lovely name for your son. Amethyst. You might see a lot of names that starts with A but there aren’t many in Z. You can even choose its alternate spelling Micah to make it more appealing. But it’s also the name of an ornamental stone ranging from brown, to red to beige in color. This vibrant gemstone is a popular choice for beads. The beautiful, purple birthstone for the month of February has witnessed a sharp increase in popularity, perhaps because of the rapper Iggy Izalea, who was born as Amethyst Amelia Kelly. This adorable French find means “jewel.” There’s also Adaya, a Hebrew darling with the beautiful meaning of “God’s jewel.” Nafisa is an Arabic princess meaning “precious gem,” and Manika rounds out our highlights from India, meaning “jewels.”. This moniker will remind many of you of Goldie Hawn. Ruri. The name Jade may be popular as a girl’s name now in the United States, but in the olden times, it was used for boys. About This List Every year around Mother's Day, the Social Security Administration usually releases the most popular baby names from the previous year (the 2019 list was delayed by COVID-19). Remember Slater from “Saved by the Bell.”, We credit the “Twilight” character Jasper Hale for the jump in this moniker. Then calling her Amber could be a great start. Marit is also a royal name in Norway. Peridot is the name given to gem-quality olivine, which has the chemical formula (Mg, Fe) 2 SiO 4. Names that mean bracelet, chain, gem, jewel, necklace, precious stone, ring, agate, amber, beryl, coral, crystal, diamond, emerald, jade, jasper, lapis, opal, pearl, ruby, sapphire, turquoise. Personal experiences with the name Gem Nicknames for Gem Meanings and history of the name Gem Famous real-life people named Gem Gem in song, story & screen. Agate. The name is derived from the word ‘krystallos’ a clear glass that is cut into the shape of a gemstone. Many different gemstones have different meanings and finding a gemstone with the perfect name meaning is a great way to name your baby. This name is sure to have your little girl sparkle. Move over Ruby and Pearl; Sapphire is now dominating the baby name world. Whichever you choose, you’re such to find a precious treasure with gemstone names for girls. Add a little glitz and glamor to your name list with gemstone names for girls. The name Jett is inspired by the velvety black coal that is used for making jewelry. Along with Jasper and Onyx, other jewel baby names in the US Top 1000 include Amber, Esmeralda, Gemma, Ivory, Jade, Opal, Pearl, and Ruby. It can turn from red to purple to shades of green and blue. Morganite is the orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral including aquamarine and emerald. Similarly, there’s Topaz, a powerful pick that we are head over heels for. Nicknamed the ‘Success Stone’, Citrine is believed to bring good luck and positive energies. This adorable French find means … 23 Pearl This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. This moniker of the birthstone of the month of June was considered old fashioned, but not anymore. Baby girl flower names are common amongst parents who are choosing names for their new bundle of joy. Jade is a wonderful name for a baby girl and it's one of the more common gemstone names on the list. Female Jewel Names, Gem Names Jewelry names. And it’s related to the Biblical Sapphira, who offended the God for lying. And it holds the top spot in Australia. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, which is silica or silicon dioxide, with a chemical … Gem Tiffany-Jones, character in … The name entered the popularity chart in 1945 following the release of the novel, “Forever Amber”. This green silicate mineral gets its color from magnesium. Besides, it’s also the name of a species of hummingbird and a Hitchcock film. The Japanese word for the beautiful stone lapis lazuli, Ruri is a super short but gorgeous name for your little girl. To help our customers around the world find precious and semi-precious gems by name, we've created the following charts that show the names of many well-known gemstones in a dozen languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. This jewel inspired name sounds much more exotic and unusual than it original name Peal. Thank you! But it’s actually another name of peridot. Baby girl names. Do you want a fascinating substitute for Caroline? In 2010 only 62 girls received this gem name, and eight years later it’s more than doubled in use. This name entered the top 1000 list in the year 2010 and has risen 200 places to hit the #677 spot. This name even comes after a type of hummingbird. You can get healed just by watching it. Which jewel or gemstone do you think would make a great baby name? The name Stone evokes a tough and unbreakable nature. The oceanic name Coral that is now slowly increasing in popularity was used for the first time in the Victorian era. Giada De Laurentiis is the famous namesake. Galena, the gray mineral with metallic luster is the principle ore of lead. Check out some gorgeous gemstone names for girls with us. Within the top 1000 baby names then, there was 1 Gem- name. Naming children after precious gems as a protection against the malicious spirits is an ancient Japanese tradition. While most gems occur in different colors, peridot is found only in shades of green. Alexandrite, the rare, color changing gemstone belongs to the chrysoberyl mineral could also be taken as a baby name inspiration. Jett comes from the Latin word gagates, meaning lapis. It’s a dark red stone but is slightly less precious than rubies. Browse and see what other beauties you can dig up. It’s also a gemstone that protects against malicious spirits, and nightmares. Ocean Jasper is a gemstone belonging to the quartz family. 50+ Baby Names for the Bohemian or Hippie Baby; 50+ Celestial Baby Names; 50+ Baby Names Inspired by the Sea Pizzazz was raised by her tycoon father Harvey Gabor and spoiled as a child. J ewel baby names and what they mean, for jewel, pearl, gemstone, birthstone, with 52 results. word name. This name would appeal to parents looking for a truly unique and exotic baby name. Coming in an intense shade of blue, lapis lazuli was used to create a vibrant shade of blue paint. So you can try it in the middle. Jacinda is the variation of Jacinth. There are plenty of amazing gender-neutral names out there, so don't forget to consider them when coming up with your list of top names for your baby girl. Amber; Amethyst; Beryl; Crystal; Diamond; Emerald; Garnet; Jacinda/Jacinth; Jade; Jewel; Opal; Pearl; Ruby; Sapphire; Topaz; Turquoise See a medical professional for personalized consultation. You can also opt for its variation Oceanus. The birthstone for July, it made the top 100 in 2013. If unique is what you want your daughter to be, name her Ula, a Celtic name, meaning ‘gem of the sea.’ Ula is often used as a short form of Ursula or Eulalia. This name generator will generator 10 random names for gems, minerals, and similar materials. It was recently chosen by Ione Skye, the famous actor and Ben Lee, the singer for their children. Gem Names for Babies Amethyst: Amethyst is one of the rarest names on this list—it was only given to 166 baby girls last year—but there’s no question it is increasing in popularity. So, let your child’s personality shine with our collection of 50 gemstone baby names . This Spanish variation of the name Emerald came into the forefront after appearing in Disney’s movie “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity 108 years ago (ADOPTION OF 4.7%) and have become significantly less common since (ADOPTION 1%, DOWN 80%), with names such as Diamond becoming less in vogue.The most fashionable names for newborns here are Emerald (#1029), Gemma (#229), … The term sterling is used to describe a high-quality metal. Ruby is a sweet name for a little girl, and certainly a fan of the inimitable Ruby Dee, an actress, writer and civil rights activist, will not mind naming a daughter this. Shorten it to Peter for the nickname. Then go with Iolite, which is the Greek word for violent and gemstone for cordierite. Flint is a hard rock, mostly gray or black in color and with a waxy or glassy appearance. Parents bestow this name on their children with the hopes of bestowing good fortune and luck. This gemstone is said to attract strength and protect against stress, bad dreams, and bad energy. Click on a name to read about its origin and meaning. “The sentry,” in allusion to the belief of the ancients that a coral talisman served as a warning against the approach of evil spirits. You can use it as a middle name too! 24. Eun-Kyung means “a graceful gem. Ametrine. And it also happens to be the gemstone of December. Jade is a feature in plenty of ancient art from Asia. 36. The only concern with this name is that it may lead to some ridicule because of its resemblance with ‘appetite’. It also includes silver. And it’s even believed to strengthen relationships. The names' popularity has been growing since the 2000s; before that, they were of sporadic use only. If you want something linked to an actual gemstone name, check out Rubia, a form of Ruby, and Esmeralda, a variant of Emerald. Pliny says that the topaz was named for an island where the yellow stone was mined, either in the Red Sea or the Arabian Sea. Turquoise is a rare, blue-green mineral prized for thousands of years for its unique color. You might see a lot of names that starts with A but there aren’t many in Z. It's an alternative to… June 1, 2020 by Alessia Santoro. Sapphire is also a modern marvel, while Opal and Pearl carry vintage charm. As a birthstone for March, Jade is believed is bring forth courage and protection. It’s not exactly a gem, but a hard substance made with skeletons of sea animals. Salinger’s “For Esme, With Love and Squalor”. Sterling Marlin, the NASCAR driver and Sterling Sharpe, the footballer player got this name in the limelight. Do yourself—and your future … The precious stone of the month of January has the unique ability to change the colors when exposed to sunlight, and that’s what makes it different from others. The name has been rapidly rising in terms of popularity. It is a very rare gemstone. The term Apatite comes from the Greek work apate and means ‘deceit.’ Wondering how Apatite got this name? Many different gemstones have different meanings and finding a gemstone with the perfect name meaning is a great way to name your baby. If you want something linked to an actual gemstone name, check out Rubia, a form of Ruby, and Esmeralda, a variant of Emerald. Rounding out the most popular are Diamond and Crystal, two names that have seen pops of popularity over the years. Can you think of any more? A famous bearer of this name is Ji Seo-yun, a South Korean actress. Pietersite is a type of quartz composed of Tiger’s Eye, Jasper and Hawk’s Eye. It is a classy name. It is inspired by the fine-grained rock. Gemstone name list is really fun for gemstone lovers. Then use the name Carnelian for your daughter. Sapphire PEARLE f … Jett. It was also the name of Nemo’s mother in “Finding Nemo”. Ruby is probably one of the most popular gemstone baby names for girls. Like Jade, she’s undeniably modern in her styling. It is a lovely baby girl name kept after the name of a gemstone. June 1, 2020 by Alessia Santoro. It is also fun to find rare names. This contemporary name is picked up directly from the term and has been in use since 1995. She has Jade ( 6), Opal (4), and Amber ( 2). Olivine may sound like a member of the Olivia family or an elaboration of Olive. After being a staple in Italy, Gemma, inspired by gem, has now become popular in France and the United Kingdom too. Gem Names for Babies. Quartz, the mineral name, may sound slightly quirky to use Quartz as a name, especially as the first name. Flint would make an excellent choice for parents looking for a tough-guy name for their children. The name derives from the Middle English word for Turkey and came to England from Turkey. This moniker oozes charm and confidence like no other thing. What Are The Causes And Risks Of Delivering A Premature Baby? If you’re looking for a unique name with a rich symbolism, Emerald could be the one for you. The name combines the best of classic and feminine Emma and fun and contemporary Jenna. Please read our Disclaimer. The numbers of names will differ in each alphabet. The pearl is the birthstone for June, and it supposedly imparts health and wealth. Agatha could make a possible spelling variation of this name. Ruri is the Japanese for ‘lapis lazuli’. Snip it to Alexander for a name for your son. Ruby is probably one of the most popular gemstone baby names for girls. Topaz. All rights reserved. Jewel is not exactly a gemstone per se, but a noun used a name. Gem is another contender, along with her longer friend, Gemma. TOPAZ: English name derived from the name of the gem, "topaz," the birthstone for the month of November. Names like Olive and Sage don’t seem all that out there anymore, ushering in a new wave of options like Gem and Soleil. Michael J Fox chose this name for his daughter. More Baby Name Inspiration. If you prefer girl gemstone names that are less obvious, look for ones with hidden meanings, like Bijou. More Baby Name Inspiration. Comments and insights on the name Gem. Jade is a mineral gemstone that is ornamental, according to, and its green forms are the most famous types of Jade. Like other gemstone names, it has been used as a given name in the English-speaking world since the 19th century. Ammolite. For the nickname, you can choose Chris. Peridot, the birthstone for August is potential baby boy name as well. You can get healed just by watching it. Finally, if you’re looking for a specific baby name or nationality, make sure to check out one of our many other categories . Opal, the name of the birthstone of the month of October is considered on par with Pearl and Ruby. About This List Every year around Mother's Day, the Social Security Administration usually releases the most popular baby names from the previous year (the 2019 list was delayed by COVID-19). Did you give your bund of joy any of these gemstone or crystal baby names? They've been based on real names, in some cases you might even get a name of an existing gem or mineral. Gemstone Names with Pictures - Click on any gem to get detailed information, prices, photos and videos. You can shorten it to Morgan for a proper name. Thus, giving your daughter this name makes her unique. Color and Gem Baby Names Browse below for Color and Gem Baby Names, which includes gender, meaning and origin. Diamond: Diamond, the stone that Marilyn Monroe’s said “ is a girl’s best friend’ is a go-to choice not just for engagement rings but also for a jewel inspired baby name. It has climbed 72 spots from the year 2012 to 2013. Names like Olive and Sage don’t seem all that out there anymore, ushering in a new wave of options like Gem and Soleil. बच्चों की कहानिया, Anemia During Pregnancy: Deficiencies And Their Prevention, 50 Alphabet Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love. The moniker had its run as a cool jewel name in the 80s and is expected to be back on the popularity charts soon. Alexandrite. This includes Ruby, the red rebel who has vintage vibes. Amethyst. Mama Natural book cover right week by week guide to pregnancy and childbirth.