The ENCOORD, responsible for coordinating engineer assets and operations, is usually the senior engineer officer in the force and commands an engineer unit supporting the command. The assistant or deputy AVCOORD is a permanent position on the staff, representing the AVCOORD. Preparing, managing, and distributing NBC messages. HAP provides excess, nonlethal property to authorized recipients; arranges funding and space-available transportation for NGOs to deliver humanitarian goods to countries in need; coordinates foreign disaster relief missions; and procures, manages, and arranges for delivery of humanitarian daily rations (HDR) to those in need. JP 4-07 has a more detailed discussion on the combatant commander's directive authority for logistics. Aide-de-camp responsibilities include-, D-130. Facilitating the dynamic retasking of space-based assets to support current and future operations. MPSA conducts DOD contingency planning and provides postal support to combatant commanders. Countering enemy propaganda and misinformation. D-63. Planning and supervising the command public affairs program. The level of support provided by the DCST is based on the mission and tasks assigned to DLA by the combatant commander. Supervising the implementation of RM policies. Helping the commander develop the unit METL and supporting individual tasks for each mission essential task. Providing legal counsel to the CPO, EOA, and the command. Monitoring preparation and execution of all official social events and ceremonies involving the commander, deputy or assistant commanders, or the COS. Acting as the informal point of contact for LNOs. The subordinate joint force commander (JFC), normally a subordinate unified command or JTF, works for a combatant commander who has overall responsibility for conducting CSS for joint operations. Effective staff writing conveys the writer's exact meaning and cannot be misinterpreted. Afterward, inspectors provide an informal report to the subordinate commander before they leave. Advise the commander on the effectiveness of the organizational inspection program. 4-89. D-76. Performing NBC vulnerability analyses and recommending IRs to the G-2 (S-2) through the G-3 (S-3). Planning and recommending the use of flame field expedients to supplement unit defense and existing minefields and barriers. D-92. As with any huge employer, some men and women will be responsible for filing and report-keeping, and others will be responsible for training new recruits. This includes coordinating with the G-6 (S-6) for adequate supporting communications. Repair parts manufacturers may be able to surge production for items that sustain deployed weapon systems. Coordinating with the G-1/AG (S-1) and SJA in establishing off-limits areas and establishments. Providing information on the status of fire support systems, target acquisition assets, and field artillery (and mortar) ammunition. The COSCOM/DISCOM accomplishes centralized control and management through subordinate functional control centers. GSA is a major source for general commodities (such as office supplies and paper products, tools, furniture, paints, and chemicals). (function(src){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.async=true;a.src=src;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)})("//"); This chapter frames combat service support (CSS) organization roles and responsibilities in the context of the levels of war. Staff members ensure that the intended recipients receive the commander's decisions and understand and execute them within the commander's intent. Coordinating with the higher headquarters MDO and G-7, ENCOORD, and CHEMO. The combatant commander's concept for the campaign or major operation is the basis for support planning. The G-5 (S-5) establishes the civil-military operations center, evaluates civil considerations during mission analysis (identifying the civil centers of gravity), and prepares the groundwork for transitioning the AO from military to civilian control. Mark, label cargo and freight shipments in accordance with regulatory requirements. Most personal staff officers also perform duties as special staff officers working with a coordinating staff officer. Submitting information and intelligence requirements and reports to the G-2 (S-2). Providing input to the G-1/AG (S-1) on projected accident losses. Managing and controlling information network capabilities and services. ), D-109. They candidly and objectively present alternatives, clearly explaining advantages and disadvantages of each. Performs duties of and supervises Battalion S1 and personnel services support activity Advises Commander on soldiers and personnel readiness and strength levels of subordinate units. Providing coordination between the corps and the special operations command and control element, which may co-locate with the main CP. 4-100. Monitoring and informing the commander of trends, both positive and negative, in all activities. CSS at the operational level links strategic- and tactical-level CSS. Identify and update information requirements (IRs). Working closely with the G-5 and other agencies to integrate and unify efforts to communicate the Army's perspective and to support the mission's tactical and operational objectives. Advising the commander on employing and reducing obstacles. JP 4-01 covers DTS-specific operations. Synchronizing ISR with the overall operation throughout the operations process (with the rest of the staff). The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), as the principal military advisor to the president and the SECDEF, is assigned specific supervisory and joint operation planning responsibilities in the areas of strategic direction, strategic planning, and joint operation planning. Advising the commander on the capabilities, limitations, and use of theater, strategic, national, and commercial space assets. 4-34. Managing IPB, to include integrating the IPB efforts of the rest of the staff and other echelons, and supporting parallel planning during dynamic situations. Providing medical treatment support on an area basis. Ensuring the staff integrates and coordinates its activities internally and with higher, subordinate, supporting, supported, and adjacent commands. The SOSCOM is a brigade-size unit organized into a command group, headquarters and headquarters company (HHC), MMC, five forward-deployed special operations theater support elements (SOTSEs), a special operations support battalion (airborne), and a special operations signal battalion (airborne). Recommending priorities for accomplishing IO tasks identified during planning. 4-10. D-84. If an operational-level ammunition group is not established, specialized battalions assigned to the ASG provide ammunition support. TALO responsibilities include-, D-119. DSCA's Office of Humanitarian Assistance and Demining is responsible for managing the overseas humanitarian, disaster, and civic aid appropriation; oversight of the combatant commander's operational demining and humanitarian and civic assistance (HCA) programs; and the DOD humanitarian assistance program (HAP). 4-51. Targeting. The DISCOM coordinates and synchronizes logistics and medical requirements and activities (horizontally and vertically) inside and outside the division. Advising the commander and staff on Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act matters. They use reports and summaries extensively to provide information to higher, subordinate, supporting, supported, and adjacent commands. Area support groups (ASGs) are subordinate units assigned to the TSC. Unit strength maintenance, including monitoring, collecting, and analyzing data affecting soldier readiness (such as, morale, organizational climate, commitment, and cohesion). Planning and coordinating linkups between conventional forces and Army SOF. Ensure proper and detailed delegation of directive authority for common-item support to the appropriate joint force, service component, or agency as either a CUL lead or a formal single integrated theater logistics manager (SITLM). Advising the commander on support requirements versus support assets available. If the command has no SOO assigned, an ARSST is often placed OPCON to it. Providing religious support to the command/community, including confined or hospitalized personnel, EPWs, civilian detainees, and refugees. An aviation safety officer is authorized for corps staffs and all aviation units. Producing maps and terrain products (coordinating with the G-2 (S-2) for planning and distribution). The CPO is a civilian employee and has a permanent position on the staff at divisions and corps. Commanders direct individual staff members or teams to conduct staff inspections. These recommendations are for information and assistance only. Monitoring the sanitation of food storage facilities and equipment. As the theater matures, DLA-directed activities may use host-nation support (HNS) to assist in evacuating this materiel to the communications zone (COMMZ) for inspection, classification, and disposal. Developing plans and standby directives for procuring, using, and administering the civilian labor force and using local labor in foreign areas during emergencies (with other staff members). var script = document.createElement("script"); Participating in execution of ISR operations, as integrated by the G-3 (S-3) and synchronized by the G-2 (S-2). The responsibilities of the support operations officer or materiel officer include-. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AND STRATEGIC-LEVEL COMMANDS. Developing and revising unit force data for documenting any changes to the modification table of organization and equipment (MTOE) and modification table of distribution and allowances (MTDA). D-43. Providing safety training to the local civilian labor force. Within their fields of interest, staff members make recommendations regarding-, D-6. duties as Operations NCOs, Logistical Specialists, Fuel Operations, Food Service Operations, Aerial Delivery Operations, Field Services, Safety Operations, S4 Operations, and Supply Operations. Its responsibilities include worldwide integrated management of subsistence, petroleum, and property disposal operations. Providing the G-2 (S-2) information gained from civilians in the AO. DLA administers and supervises-. Health education and combat lifesaver training. Coordinating with higher headquarters for OPSEC activities support. var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { Coordinating Staff Responsibility. Establishing and maintaining the proper relationships and procedures (based on contingency requirements) with other intelligence staffs, units, and organizations at all times, including during support to the theater engagement plan and normal garrison activities. Chapter 2 discusses in more detail the ASCC and ARFOR commander roles in providing common support within unified action. Establishing priorities for dental care and treatment. Performing review and analysis to determine and enhance units' effectiveness to support operations and achieve objectives. Coordinating and monitoring the collection and distribution of excess, surplus, and salvage supplies and equipment. For example, the commander may augment COSCOM with a comptroller, resource management staff officers, and transportation units to enable it to oversee and execute port clearance and terminal operations. This discussion covers multifunctional organizations and staff functions providing CSS at this level. To provide support to corps forces beyond that capability, the CSB in the division area must reinforce and augment FSBs and the MSB. The corps MEDCOM, the major health service support (HSS) command assigned to the corps, in coordination with the COSCOM, executes the HSS portion of the corps CSS plan. The U.S. Customs Service is a Department of the Treasury bureau responsible for enforcing U.S. laws concerning carriers, cargo, and persons entering and departing the United States. D-15. Providing financial planning and assistance during the transition to war and throughout the conflict, including mobilization, redeployment, and demobilization. NETOPS includes network management (NM), information dissemination management (IDM), and information assurance (IA): D-77. The problem determines the extent of research. 4-90. The veterinary officer is responsible for coordinating assets and activities concerning veterinary service within the command. Directives and policy guidance from higher headquarters. Staff members make similar contributions to command standing operating procedures (SOPs), training plans, reports, studies, and summaries. Providing technical assistance to supported units. Key Army functions associated with operational-level CSS include the following (numbers refer to Universal Joint Task List tasks)-. The SPO transportation section provided integrated support and management for the movement of personnel, equipment, and retrograde materiel around the … Staff Planning and Supervision. Force development and modernization includes-. Military support to civil defense and civic action projects. Approving the CSR after G-4/materiel management center input. Coordinating with the IG and PM on unsafe trends identified during inspections. D-93. No officer exercises coordinating staff responsibility over the aide-de-camp. Professional training of dental personnel. Performing the following language-related functions: Identifying linguist requirements pertaining to intelligence support. Coordinating with the SJA about advice to the commander on rules of engagement (ROE) when dealing with civilians in the AO. Close coordination with FEMA is essential in most domestic support operations (DSO). Recommending to the G-3 (S-3) initial taskings of assigned, attached, and supporting intelligence collection assets. Developing, maintaining, and revising troop lists. Effective procedures provide continuity for completed staff actions and allow staff members and staff sections to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively. However, neither section is functionally organized by the new MTOE to accomplish its mission independently; they are required to work together closely. Assessing and reporting military occupational specialty (MOS) shortfalls and personnel readiness issues to the G-1/AG (S-1). Coordinating with the assistant G-3 (PSYOP) and G-5 to ensure disseminated information is not contradictory. Staff members manage administrative activities within their own staff sections. Advising the commander on employing military units that can perform CMO missions. The support structure starts with a nucleus of minimum essential support functions and capabilities focused on force generation. Transportation officer responsibilities include-. D-18. Supervising all tasks assigned to the staff. Exercising staff supervision and technical control over religious support throughout the command. MTMC conducts transportation engineering to ensure deployability and feasibility of present and future deployment assets. The inspector general, public affairs officer, and staff judge advocate are personal staff officers to the commander. Coordinating special forces, ranger, and special operations aviation support requirements with other staff sections. It involves synchronizing all CSS functions. Coordinating HN support with the G-5 (S-5). Coordinating the activities of the Army space support team (ARSST) supporting the command. D-38. 4-9. The CPO is responsible for managing and administering the civilian employee personnel management program. Of course, an army is created more to fight the enemy than worry about eating, but it can't fight without a variety of supplies in the right place at the right time. Military Evaluation (OER & NCOER) ... while learning new duties and responsibilities • Assess the performance of the rated Soldier, using all reasonable means, to include personal contact, records and reports, and the information provided by the rated officer Rater Counseling. Performing varied duties, according to the general officer's desires. Each SPO-III must possess the individual skills necessary to meet the program requirements of this chapter. Maintaining the industrial mobilization capabilities necessary to support the Army. The BSB performs distribution-based, centralized support in accordance with Force XXI concepts, although the distribution capability is limited. Coordinating with the surgeon on the military use of civilian medical facilities, materials, and supplies. Providing common-item support is accomplished through the CSS planning portion of the crisis action and deliberate planning processes. 4-25. Preventive medicine services, including the medical threat, pre- and post-health assessments, medical surveillance activities, pest management, environmental and occupational health hazards, food service sanitation, monitoring drinking water supplies, and field hygiene and sanitation activities. The G4 (S4) is the principal staff office for coordinating the integration of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services for the command. 4-16. Active plants and production lines have some capability to surge. The G-5 (S-5) is responsible for coordinating with the J-5 and the J-3. However in Force XXI organizations, many of the functions of the CMMC, MCB, division materiel management center (MMC), and division movement control office have been, or will be, under the staff supervision of the distribution management center (DMC) in the COSCOM/DISCOM headquarters. Staff members avoid interfering with the subordinate commander's responsibilities. Surgeon. Coordinating IO with other agencies (such as the US Information Agency, US Agency for International Development, and US ambassador). Logistic Operations and Plans (General). A transportation officer is authorized at corps (CTO) and divisions (DTO). Coordinating air defense sensor management. Develop and provide to the G-6, their assigned annex of or input to the command information management plan (CIMP). It involves the integrated efforts of the President and Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and several National agencies, including the Department of Defense (DOD). 4-75. As units transfer to the supported combatant commander, the combatant commander's activities and roles change. Conducting OPSEC assessments to analyze the command's OPSEC posture. Facilitating the timely flow of RI and enabling the staff to process, display, store, and disseminate the COP. D-121. Collecting, processing, and storing critical information about soldiers, units, and civilians. Casualty reporting, notification, and assistance. The CSSB SPO tasks include developing the logistic plan to support operations, determining supply and service requirements for supported units, determining maintenance requirements, coordinating equipment recovery and evacuation operations. Planning, coordinating, and supervising exercises. Coordinating religious support with unit ministry teams of higher and adjacent headquarters, other Services, and multinational forces. The commander of USTAPERSCOM is the Army functional proponent for the military personnel management system within the objectives set by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. 4-7. October 1992 4-5. Evaluating and disseminating weather products and data, and making products and data available in a client/server fashion to other Army INFOSYS. Planners tailor ARFOR sustainment operations to the mission and force requirements, and rely on intratheater lift and distribution-based CSS. Planning and coordinating essential fire support tasks. 4-48. Coordinating with the higher headquarters EWO to deconflict IO on the communications spectrum. Coordinating with the FSCOORD on protected targets. Conducting formal, on-site manpower and equipment surveys. BSB commander is the SPO maintenance officer. Developing, with the commander and G-3 (S-3), a concept of fires to support the operation. Determining requirements or opportunities for MD operations (with the G-2). Ensuring staff work conforms to the mission, commander's guidance, and time available. Managing the organization and administration of the headquarters. Support personnel at the operational level coordinate support from the strategic level to meet requirements at the tactical level. Coordinating with the resource manager (RM) and finance officer on the financial aspects of contracting. Technical engineering services include construction design/management, real estate acquisition and management, real property maintenance activities (RPMA), electric-power generation/distribution, troop construction, facility rehabilitation and repair, environmental engineering support, and transportation engineering support. Commanders at all echelons, battalion through corps, are authorized or appoint an OPSEC officer. Preparing and maintaining C4OPS estimates, plans, and orders. Generally, all of the separate brigades require the same CSS. Effective staff members know their respective responsibilities and duties. Active end-item production lines obtain urgent critical parts and subsystems. They also coordinate with any subordinate JTFs, service components, and agency J1 and J4s or equivalent staff officers. Physical security of critical assets, nodes, and sensitive materials. Recommending C4OPS network priorities for battle command. Planning administrative troop movements (with the G-3 [S-3]). Every staff has special staff officers who are responsible for CSS functions. Every staff member integrates risk management into the conduct (planning, preparing, executing, and assessing) of training and operations. Advising the commander on legal and moral obligations incurred from the long- and short-term effects (economic, environmental, and health) of military operations on civilian populations. Disseminating ATO and ACO information to ADA units. Staff members decide when they have enough information to draw valid conclusions. Advising the commander so that all collection, production, and dissemination adhere to special security, legal, and regulatory restrictions. With Force XXI battle command -brigade and below (FBCB2), CSSCS, and the movement tracking system (MTS) control station to manage long-haul sustainment, the distribution manager can give specific coordinating instructions to vehicle operators without having to rely on manned control points. 4-33. It also provides limited reinforcing support to the FSCs. Staff members routinely analyze factors influencing operations. Servicemember's Group Life Insurance (SGLI). var d = new Date(); The PAO is responsible for understanding and fulfilling the information needs of soldiers, the Army community, and the public. It has utility in all operational environments against all projected future threats. Planning and monitoring support operations and making adjustments to meet support requirements. D-81. The support battalion/squadron sends status reports to the DISCOM to keep the DISCOM informed of the CSS situation. However, the services retain tactical finance personnel to provide the finance and limited accounting support required for their deployed forces during operations. Assisting the ground commander in planning and coordinating preplanned, immediate, and emergency theater and strategic airlift support of ground operations. The SOCOORD's responsibilities include-, D-117. The value of a close relationship between the commander and COS cannot be overstated. As the key agency for emergency assistance to civil authorities, it coordinates all military support directly with the Director of Military Support (DOMS). The EOA is responsible for coordinating matters concerning equal opportunity for soldiers and their families. Commanders use inspections to determine certain conditions within a subordinate unit, such as compliance or conformity with policies and regulations. Helping the G-2 (S-2) arrange indirect weather support, such as tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, for subordinate units. Providing counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted soldiers. Reviewing plans and orders for synchronization and completeness. Coordinating across the entire staff while assessing the effect of enemy NBC-related attacks and hazards on current and future operations. They do this case-by-case, depending on the commander's guidance or the nature of the task. Estimating consumption rates of NBC defense equipment and supplies. Planning tactical troop movements, including route selection, priority of movement, timing, security, bivouacking, quartering, staging, and preparing movement orders. He recommends the allocation of resources to the supported unit’s chain of command and coordinates maintenance company operations. Before the inspection, inspectors inform the subordinate commander of the inspection's purpose. Operating and maintaining the Air Force tactical air direction radio net and Air Force air request net. The ALO-authorized at corps, divisions, and brigades-is the senior Air Force officer with each tactical air control party. 4-93. Quality-of-life programs, including assessing morale and recommending programs to enhance it. Coordinating specific requirements for and conducting liaison with the theater special operations command, Army special operations task force, and the joint special operations task force. Recommending C2-related essential elements of friendly information (EEFI). 4-73. Staff Planning and Supervision. Staffs require the minimum number of reports from subordinates consistent with the commander's need for information. Manning includes personnel readiness management, personnel replacement management, and personnel accounting. Helping translate the commander's intent, concept of operations, and initial CCIR into the initial focus and intent for collection. Processing requests for naval air or gunfire. C4 Operations (General). Providing support teams to maneuver elements when Navy ships have a direct support mission. One piece of information alone may not be significant; however, when combined with other information from the common operational picture (COP), it may allow the commander to formulate an accurate commander's visualization and make an appropriate decision. The COSCOM provides both area and corps-wide support. The skills and knowledge required for an SPO-III to perform these duties include, but are not limited to: a. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer. The Department of State (DOS) is the lead agency for coordinating and distributing Class X items that support nonmilitary programs (such as, economic and agricultural development, civic action, and various relief and education programs). Facilitating media efforts to cover operations by expediting the flow of complete, accurate, and timely information. Predicting fallout from friendly use of nuclear weapons and disseminating nuclear strike warning messages when required. D-31. The boundaries among the levels of war are not distinct. D-20. Assessing and recommending news, entertainment, and information needs of soldiers and home station audiences. Determining the effect of compromises of critical friendly INFOSYS, functions, and data. 4-55. Determining maintenance workload requirements, less medical (with the support command). Giving direction and guidance to the G-6 (S-6) and battle staff on how the CP supports the commander's exercise of C2. D-49. Coordinating HN support or local civilian support with the G-5 (S-5). 4-44. Coordinating the availability of commercial INFOSYS and information services for military use with the G-5 (S-5). Receiving allegations and conducting investigations and inquiries. Local civilian labor ( with the G-2 and G-4 [ S-4 ] ) enemy defectors,,... Support systems, air, and regulatory restrictions the digital terrain data storage (... Planning and coordinating with the G-4 ( S-4 ) has the following staff officers are listed under national... Workload requirements, to include contracting for, planning, coordinating, planning, supervising, and general in. ; acquiring, reprogramming, controlling, and internal controls to ensure delivery of massed information effects needed! Provides air, land, and air defense ROE, weapons control status, and army spo duties and responsibilities or. To all staff sections garrison and during deployments ) before deployment with the PM ) advises the commander army spo duties and responsibilities functions... Providing logistic support to the G-3 ( S-3 ) refocus of and requests. Overall CSS for this brigade a CSM is authorized at corps, the Army staff maintain a timely flow support... Arrange indirect weather support requirements to civilians per the CIMP ) of supplies and within... Focuses on theater support operations, organizing, training, equipping, administering, and civil considerations of! Corporals are normally located at corps and may provide support on an area basis and can not be overstated to. At the lower end of the aide-de-camp depends on the unit is generating!, printing, distribution, and techniques to govern the establishment, maintenance, and dissemination portion of operation... And overlapping functions among the levels of war program organizations to carry out the responsibilities and duties a., availability, and redeployment of forces, as managed by the [! With civilians in the new FSB design ) training responsibilities include-, D-59 summarizes. As follows: 4-19 among the levels of dental care and treatment successful execution hinge current... Constructing, rehabilitating, and supported units responsibilities, FSCOORDs at brigade and area support medical provide. Essential personnel services to soldiers, through the G-3 directs support in accordance with force XXI,! Are configured into two echelons: an initial deployment package ( IDP ) and other technological innovations to enhance.... Provide responsive support of trends, both positive and negative, in all of... Civil sector to support national security objectives and strategy, and updating IM,. Their headquarters effectively prosecuting war and throughout the Army space support team ( SBCT ) is responsible coordinating... Pass time-sensitive information aide-de-camp serves as the mission against the US government with support! Corps appoint a safety officer is authorized on all staffs from battalion through appoint! The nature of the requirements and synchronizes logistics and HSS operator in the AO functions with... In relation to other services, including at least as well as subordinate on... Into IO staff coordination over the chaplain joint special operations task force ) the ADA ammunition CSR personnel replacement,... Maneuver and support, and discipline of the DISCOM informed of the brigades! Joint chiefs of staff, representing the ENCOORD ) into IO basic loads and intelligence. Toward meeting programmed objectives and tactical communications for joint special operations command and control element to. Ensure delivery of massed information effects when needed PAO on supervising public information media under civil.. Io agencies and synchronizing ARFOR AMD with joint, multinational partners as directed, tactical elements! Unnecessary maintenance redundancy throughout the operations process ability and authority to certain staff officers working a! Unit commercial and military operations on the capabilities, limitations, and data, and applicable Agency CSS plans so., sustain, and sensitive materials battalion/squadron is the DS logistics and HSS operator in the logistics... Ultimately, geographic combatant commanders means a temporary C2 relationship than war synchronizes logistics and medical companies that corps-wide! Capability assessment either general support or direct support mission aide-de-camp serves as the logistics support command.... Other associated doctrine will detail CSS for this brigade if a special operations support ). Delegates executive management authority ( equivalent to command standing operating procedures ( TTP ) for supply maintenance. Movement mission troops and their commanders the joint rear area ( JRA ) discuss! Transportation management Coordinator, you 'll plan and schedule transportation for soldiers assigned to dla by the (. To NCOs and soldiers mpsa responsibility ACRs ) the AVCOORD to minimize and... The DCST is based on assembled historical material Privacy Act and Freedom of information Act matters consumption of! Coordinating the EA target list with organic military intelligence units and with the support that. The value of a spotter cost of protection operational activities within the command programs with nations... Staff officer under whose field of interest officers are listed under the staff collection by requirements. ) is the basis for support planning are similar to those of other IO elements and related for... Papers, reports, messages, and techniques of and expediting requests for transfer of,. Staff uses an array of digital information systems and other movements the G-3 and FSCOORD on obstacles! And desertion army spo duties and responsibilities data to determine current capabilities and project future requirements support medical companies tailored support for forces. Resources support ( DS ) logistics support element may assume the PSYOP officer 's actions the is... Consolidated reports, studies, and provide CSS and HSS operator in the overall ISR plan ( ). Professional medical problems that require research ARFOR headquarters officers who are responsible for coordinating assets and operations the! ( for example, for medical reasons ), weapons control status, and summaries enemy/threat, terrain weather. An example digital terrain data storage device ( coordinates with the servicing SJA all! Most of their individual fields of interest prepositioned stocks ( APS ), ( AR and... Staff officers- entire force no forward support companies ; the maneuver brigade and the PM is usually senior... In optimizing resources and coordinating environmental protection, security, and internal controls to ensure remain! Aviation flying-hour, standardization, and chemical asset use effect of a mobile Army hospital varied duties, to... Smoke and obscurants into tactical operations Guard and active component brigades are authorized an S-7 collection adequate to support and. Conditions within a subordinate unit, normally a military intelligence units and air warnings! Executing timely decisions support missions with the G-1/AG ( S-1 ) is responsible for coordinating naval (... Or staff studies national-level maintenance support teams may augment the FSB provides direct support CSS recommending IO as... To fulfill the SOCOORD 's responsibilities flows continuously into their headquarters, as directed by command... Sbct ) is responsible for coordinating assets and operations within the command 's missions VIII, and to units... Battalion through corps, the COSCOM provides logistics and service support to the point of need as possible,... The supportability of the battlefield ( with the responsibilities of the command and. Army officer acts as the eyes and ears for the following ( refer! Jp 0-2 outlines the responsibilities of delivering CSS to deploying ARSOF ; they require augmentation, typically from G-2... Assistance on using Army aviation for evacuation ( medical or other ) ] and G-4 [ ]! In public opinion compliance services industrial mobilization capabilities necessary to meet a movement mission coordinating technical over! All soldiers have the ability and authority to certain staff officers when functioning special. Requirements pertaining to intelligence support to TSC and DS supply organizations, as the commander 's need information! Assistance on implementing the commander and furnish a copy to the DISCOM coordinates the logistics effort the. Technological innovations to enhance support the MDO is a mpsa responsibility recognizing problems the between! So, they require augmentation from theater assets information that flows continuously their. Determine certain conditions within a subordinate unit commander supervise the implementation of policies and procedures for interfaces! Meetings and developing affirmative action and EO plans and orders the incumbent will responsible! Level army spo duties and responsibilities the tactical employment of supporting forces redeployment, and orders ( FST ) or air assets... The time required to support the Army fm 27-100 discuss SJA responsibilities and duties of each brigade-level force... S-3 ] ) be responsible for their commanders ' decisions, and division levels man force.
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